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Welcome to the world of Bunnyland305 Rabbity, where our unwavering dedication to enhancing pet rabbit breeds takes center stage. In our pursuit of elevating industry standards to new levels of excellence, we are excited to introduce the captivating Teddywidder 900 program

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     Bunnyland305 Rabbity is deeply committed to the ongoing advancement of pet rabbit breeds, consistently striving to elevate the quality standards within the industry. We are thrilled to introduce our latest and most exciting venture yet—the Teddywidder 900 program. Leveraging the progress achieved over the past two years with our English Angora rabbits, we are embarking on a comprehensive endeavor to not only continue our developmental strides but also introduce the innovative Teddywidder breed into our portfolio.

     The journey thus far has been marked by significant accomplishments in the refinement of our English Angora rabbit lineage. This invaluable experience serves as the cornerstone for our latest pursuit—a multi-faceted approach that not only maintains our achievements but also extends them to the emerging Teddywidder breed.

     Our current cohort is composed of a meticulously curated ensemble of ten exceptional specimens, each drawn from distinguished European and American Teddywidder lineages. This deliberate selection underscores our commitment to preserving genetic diversity, a pivotal aspect of our breeding philosophy. As we eagerly anticipate the coming months, we are excited to provide an insightful presentation of our work in progress, offering a glimpse into the tangible outcomes of our meticulous efforts.

     At the heart of our approach lies an unwavering dedication to responsible breeding practices. This encompasses providing optimal living conditions for our rabbits and a rigorous focus on genetic diversity—a key factor in ensuring the robust health and resilience of our breeds. Beyond the innovation and progress, Bunnyland305 Rabbity places a premium on ethical considerations, evident in the meticulous care that defines the Teddywidder 900 program. Brace yourself for an upcoming exposition that not only showcases our developmental journey but also highlights the dedication, expertise, and ethics that drive our pursuit of excellence in rabbit breeding.


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