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Waiting List Policies and Options

In the event that there are no bunnies currently available or if you are specifically waiting for a particular bunny or breed to become available, you have the option to join our Waiting List. Placing yourself on the Waiting List does not require payment.


The order of Waiting List placements is determined by the completion of the Priority Waiting List, the timing of your request to be added to the Waiting List, and the availability of bunnies from Bunnyland305 Rabbitry.


Upon the availability of a Bunnyland305 bunny, we will contact you via text message based on your position on the Waiting List. At this point, you can either view photos of all available rabbits on our website or request photos to be sent to you.


If, upon being contacted, you are not interested in any of the available options, you have the choice to "pass" and wait for the next set of available bunnies. Passing a second time will result in a lower Waiting List placement. Passing for a third time will lead to forfeiture removal from the Waiting List, and the next person on the list taking your place.


Once you have chosen a bunny, it will be reserved for you and marked as "reserved" on our website after we have received a deposit for reservation. Please ensure your decision, as the deposit cannot be switched to a different rabbit except in the rare event of a Bunnyland305 Rabbitry error.


Full payment is required before or on the designated pick-up time and day of your rabbit.


Upon notification of available bunnies, you have 24 hours to inform us of your selection. Failure to do so within the given time frame may result in the rabbit being listed as "available" on our website.


Bunnyland305 Rabbitry retains the right to decline the rehoming of any of our animals and may modify our policies at any time.

Please complete the form below to be added to the Wait List. 



(305) 423-9597



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