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Bunny Grooming

Keeping your bunny groomed is very important for their health. Bunnies that are well groomed are happier and healthier. This page will list our grooming services and highlight all the essential bunny grooming basics to teach you how to properly groom your bunny.

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Grooming Prices

Full groom
Short hair bunny | Long hair bunny: $100

It's very important for your domesticated bunny to be groomed often for their overall health and to keep vet bills low.


Our full groom service includes brushing and combing your bunny. As well as checking your bunnies' cuticles, trimming and filing all 18 of the bunnies' nails. Your bunnies' teeth will be checked and their ears and scent glands will also be cleaned.

Just the nails: $25

Domestic bunny nails can grow to be very long and sharp. If they aren't taken care of properly they can also become very uncomfortable for them & for you.

We understand that some bunnies hate having their nails cut and some owners need additional help. We offer bunny nail trimming services. Our groomer can check your bunnies cuticles, trim, and file your bunnies nails. 

Just the teeth: $60

Bunny teeth continuously grow throughout their lifetime at an approximated rate of 2-2.4mm per week. For your bunnies' health, it's very important to make sure that their teeth do not overgrow. If you suspect that your bunny is having issues with its teeth it might be time to get them trimmed. Bunny teeth trimming is a painless process and only takes about 20 minutes!

Just the ears: $15

Bunny ears are very sensitive and need to be examined weekly to keep ear wax buildup under control. Our groomer will examine and clean your bunnies' ears to prevent wax buildup or to remove any wax. Your bunnies' ears will also be checked to make sure that no sores or mites are present.

Just the scent gland: $30

Bunnies have scent glands both under their chin and in their genital area. The only scent glands that may require cleaning are the scent glands by the anus of the bunny. When these scent glands build up, the bunny often has an unpleasant odor and the scent gland duct may actually become blocked due to the build up of this waxy substance. Material that builds up in the scent gland area may become very hard and uncomfortable for the bunny.

Book a bunny grooming service

If you would like to book one of our bunny grooming services, please fill out our form below. 

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