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Our Breeds

We have over 10 bunny breeds and counting!

You can view information about our bunnies below and schedule an appointment to meet them in person by clicking the button! 

American Fuzzy Lop

The American Fuzzy Lop became a recognized breed in 1989. Known for its lopped ears, large head, and wooled coat, the AFL is a sweet-tempered, rabbit that is energetic and popular for beginning and seasoned exhibitors alike.  – Maximum weight 4 lbs.

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Dutch Rabbit

Perhaps the most recognizable breed, the Dutch rabbit was developed in England during the 1830s. Breeders began selecting rabbits that bore the distinct markings that have become the hallmark of the breed we know today. Selecting for correct markings paired with type can be challenging, but the fact that the Dutch remains one of the top 10 most popular breeds, is evidence that many are up to this task. – Maximum weight 5.5 lbs.

English Angora

One of four breeds of Angora recognized by the ARBA. The English is the only breed of Angora that is classified as a compact breed. It possesses silky, luxurious wool that is both beautiful and sought after for spinning.  

– Maximum weight 7.5 lbs.

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French Blanc de hotot

Derived from Hotot-en-Auge, near the port of LeHavre in Northern France, came the name and the rabbits known as Blanc de Hotot (White of Hotot). From those humble beginnings at the turn of the 19th Century to their recognition by the ARBA in 1979, this snow white breed with the black eyeliner has enjoyed a steady and loyal following.  – Maximum weight 11 lbs.

Holland Lop

Originally developed by Adriann de Cock of the Netherlands with the purpose of creating a dwarfed lop-eared rabbit that was smaller and easier to handle than the larger French Lop. The venture was long and challenging but ultimately, rewarding as the breed was recognized by the ARBA in 1979.  Today the Holland Lop is one of the top five most popular breeds in the ARBA. Its compact size paired with the large head and lopped ears makes it a beautiful addition to the rabbit world.  

– Maximum weight 4 lbs.

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Jersey Wooly

This distinctive breed with the mug head and luxurious wooled coat was developed by Bonnie Seeley and recognized as a breed in 1988. Bonnie’s intent was to produce a small pet rabbit with wool that was easy to care for. Today, the Jersey Wooly has become one of the most popular breeds of rabbit exhibited in the US and abroad.  – Maximum weight 3.5 lbs.

Magpie Harlequin

Originating in France and first exhibited in Paris in 1887, the Harlequin rabbit comes in two types: The Japanese and the Magpie. Japanese Harlequins are orange or fawn and either black, blue, chocolate, or lilac, while Magpie Harlequins are white and either black, blue, chocolate, or lilac. A “perfect” Harlequin will have a marked split of the two colors alternating on the head, ears, feet, and body. The Harlequin presents a worthy challenge to breeders to achieve a perfect 3-part harmony.  – Maximum weight 9.5 lbs.

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Mini lionhead lion head bunnyland305 rabbitry rabbit bunny bunnies adopt for sale

Mini Lionhead

The most eye-catching feature of the Lionhead rabbit is the distinctive mane around its head giving it the look of a male lion, as the name implies.  While the Lionhead has only been a recognized breed in the United States since 2014, it is steadily gaining in popularity throughout the rabbit hobby. In 2018 the Lionhead roared; capturing its first ARBA Convention Best in Show! – Maximum weight 3.75 lbs.

Mini Rex

Though a relatively new breed, the Mini Rex is consistently the #1 or #2 top entry at any ARBA Convention. Developed in 1984 in Texas by the late-great Monna Berryhill.  The plush-coated Mini Rex became a recognized breed in 1988 and has been dominating the show tables ever since. Popular and available in many different colors, the Mini Rex appeals to both new and seasoned breeders. –  Maximum weight 4.5 lbs.

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netherland dwarf bunnyland305 rabbitry rabbit bunnies bunny adopt for sale

Netherland Dwarf

The enduring appeal of the Netherland Dwarf can be attributed to their diminutive size, variety of showable colors, and brachycephalic head. The Netherland Dwarf breed was first produced in the Netherlands in the early 20th century, and soon made its way to America. Since then their popularity has only grown and new color varieties have been recognized; bringing the total to 25. – Maximum weight 2.5 lbs.

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