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Bunny Starter Kit

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Price: $220.

What’s included:

One large play yard

  • Easy to set up and easy to clean

  • Keeps your bunny secure in one location

  • Perfect for homes that aren't fully bunny proofed

Bunny toy with a bunny safe clip

  • This toy can be clipped to the extra-large play yard

  • Great for bunny entertainment and playtime

Oxbow essentials young rabbit food

  • Formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of young rabbits and help them thrive.

  • Optimal protein and fiber for healthy digestion.

Timothy biscuits baked with apple

  • Supports dental health through natural chewing activity

  • Made with sun-cured timothy hay and apples

  • Ideal for playtime and bonding

  • The high fiber content of natural timothy grass hay also supports your pet's overall health

bunnyland305 playpen play yard pen for bunnies bunny rabbit rabbits rabbitry outside inside buy rehome kit
hay manger natural bunny snack treat dispenser bunnies bun

Kaytee natural hay manger

  • Hay mangers are a great way to dispense hay and alfalfa to your bunny

  • Provide a constant supply of clean fresh hay without the mess

  • Made of natural dye-free wood and safely constructed without staples or nails that can harm your bunny

Oxbow alfalfa hay

  • Sweet, soft Oxbow Alfalfa Hay is legume hay that is high in fiber, protein, and digestible energy. 

  • Alfalfa hay is the ideal hay for growing, pregnant, or nursing pets

timothy biscuits biscuit baked apple bunny treat treats snacks reward

Water bottle

  • Provide fresh for your bunny without having to worry about their water getting dirty or tipped over

  • The bottle features a stainless steel drinking tube and comes with a wire holder to secure it to the cage

Food bowl

  • Ceramic material: Non-toxic, stable in nature, odorless, and easy to clean

  • Keeps bunnies from tipping and spilling their food

Kaytee critter litter premium litter

  • Critter Litter is specially formulated to be 99% dust-free and is super absorbent. Made from all-natural non-toxic bentonite, Critter Litter provides the ultimate solution for litter pan training

  • Reduce cage cleaning by 30% or more

  • Absorbs 10x its weight in water

waterbottle bottle water bunny rabbit drink
bunny litter rabbit potty training tips
alfalfa hay bunny rabbit food snack treat healthy pet oxbow miami florida rehome kit supply


  • features a wide base to keep litter contained within the pan for litter-free floors. It features a rim on all sides to easily lift and move the pan

  • Provides ample space for bunnies of all sizes to use the box comfortably

Hay playmat

  • Made with only 100% all-natural Timothy hay

  • All-natural with no chemicals, wires, or threads

  • Used and recommended by leading veterinarians worldwide

bunny hay matt adoption kit rehoming bunnyland305 bunnyland bunny land bunnies rabbitry rescue

We offer complimentary delivery to Miami Dade County residents on Sundays when you adopt your new bunny and buy our Premium Rehoming Package. 


If you're located out of Miami Dade County additional fees apply.

* Your payments must be made in full before we deliver.

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