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Flying with Bunnies

There are 3 different methods for transporting via air

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1. "Pet" in Cabin

If you're taking 1-2 bunnies with you, the pet in cabin option is a good one. They travel at your feet in a soft-sided carrier in place of a carry-on bag for an additional fee of around $125.00 each way. Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, and Alaska Airlines all allow bunnies to travel in the cabin. Frontier Airlines allows you to book online at at the same time you book your personal reservation. United Airlines and Alaska Airlines allow you to book the bunnies via their 800 reservation line at the same time you book your ticket or call after you have booked online.

2. Excess Baggage

When traveling with multiple bunnies and flying to/from a destination that Alaska Airlines flies then flying your bunnies as checked/excess baggage is a great option. Alaska Airlines is one of the only airlines allowing bunnies to fly as excess baggage. They require that the transport carriers are inside a dog crate and that the crate is closed with screws and bolts, not cable ties. Bunnies as excess baggage is booked through the Alaska Airlines reservation line at the time of making your own reservation. A health certificate is required and should be dated within 10 days of travel. Bunnies are checked at the ticket counter with your luggage and then you accompany the bunny to TSA where the kennel is inspected and sometimes opened for inspection.

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The third method of shipping is via air cargo. Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines offer air cargo for bunnies. All three of these airlines will accept either carriers inside of a crate or transport/show carriers that have a solid top, a 1 inch PVC rim around the outside of the carriers which satisfies IATA/Airline 1' rim rule, and handles. Some breeders also like to use white gutter guard around the outside of the carrier. It gives the bunnies a sense of privacy and protects them from the elements of traveling in rain or snow. Bunnies are dropped off 3-4 hours prior to departure. At a large airport it will be at a cargo facility, and at smaller airports it may be at the ticket counter, so check the airline's cargo website or ask the reservations the location-specific to your destination.

3. Air Cargo

Alaska Airlines: Reservations can be booked through Alaska Cargo reservations 24 hrs to 35 days prior to travel. A health certificate dated within 10 days of travel is required. A cold weather acclimation statement is highly recommended.

Delta Cargo: Reservations can be booked online at or through Delta Cargo reservations. Reservations are accepted only 14 days prior to travel. A veterinary signed health certificate is required and must include an acclimation statement such as "The bunnies contained in this shipment are acclimated to temperatures between 80F and 20F and are fit for air travel." Delta has a PET rate which will only allow you to book a kennel/transport a carrier size equivalent to a 300 series kennel (32" x 22.5" x 24") or smaller. To receive a more competitive rate and not have a kennel size restriction, be sure NOT to check the "Pet In Household" Checkbox when booking online, and if booking via phone - politely tell the reservationist.

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