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Bunnyland305 Adoption Agreement Copy

We are so excited and happy that you'll be taking care of one of our bunnies! Along with the adoption of your new family member, we also welcome you to our bunny community! Feel free to reach out to us anytime you have any questions. Bunnies adopted from us receive a pet hotel discount! We love receiving bunny updates and pictures and would love to share them on our Instagram!

Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership:

  • Learn how to take care of your new bunny by visiting the Bunnyland305 Nutrition and Care page.

  • Lifelong care of the bunny. This means committing to the relationship for your bunny's entire life.

  • Recognizing that owning a bunny requires an investment of time and money.

  • Outdoor confinement of a bunny should include provisions to minimize distress or discomfort to the bunny, and assure access to appropriate food, water, and shelter from extreme weather conditions.

  • Prevent your bunny from negatively impacting other people, animals, and the environment. This includes proper waste disposal, noise control, and not allowing your bunny to stray or become feral.

  • Providing exercise and mental stimulation appropriate to your bunnies' age, breed, and health status.

  • Making arrangements for the care of your bunny when or if you are unable to do so.

  • Recognizing declines in your bunnies' quality of life and making decisions in consultation with your veterinarian regarding appropriate end-of-life care.

  • You have acknowledged that your decision on choosing us as the appropriate adoption source has not been influenced by anyone in our team. You also acknowledged that your bunny is alert, has regular body temperature and respiration, as well as not showing any signs of sickness.

  • Bunnyland305 is not responsible for Veterinarian visits and/or any health issues developed after the adoption.

  • We care for our bunnies for at least 8 weeks (2 MONTHS) and would love it if you maintain our standards of care. If any issues develop, we would love to be notified first.

I agree not to expose my adopted bunny to the following:

  • Harsh environment (extremely cold or hot temperatures)

  • Fresh fruits or vegetables for the first 5 months

  • Rusted cages or a cage where a previous rabbit has died before

I agree to only feed one of the following brands to my adopted bunny:

  • Garden Junior Rabbit Food and Alfalfa Hay for the 1st 5 months

  • Oxbow Young Rabbit, Science Selective Junior Rabbits, or Vita

Please note:

Your bunny might be afraid and unsure of its new surroundings. If your bunny appears to be scared, keep them in a small, quiet area (such as a gated-off laundry or bathroom) to start, and take it slow. Don’t allow your children to bother the bunny if they're afraid; fear can result in nipping. Instead, give your bunny plenty of time to adjust to its new surroundings, taking it one step at a time. Don’t give up! Allow your bunny several weeks to adapt to their new surroundings and up to 4 months to fully adjust. Adopting a bunny is a lifetime commitment. We assume that you will make a patient and concerted effort to achieve a successful placement.

Bunny returns:

If there are problems with the adopted bunny and the adopter needs to return the bunny, we ask that you give Bunnyland305 one week's advance notice. Once a bunny is adopted from Bunnyland305, the space vacated is filled by another bunny. A bunny return requires that space must be opened by a new adoption. Nevertheless, all bunnies adopted from Bunnyland305 must be returned back to Bunnyland305 in case of insurmountable problems. Please note: Returns are not refundable.

We reserve the right to:


Ask questions to ensure that these bunnies are going to good homes. Refuse or cancel the sale of a bunny to someone that has misrepresented their reason for wanting one of our rabbits or if we feel their home may not be a proper fit for one of our animals.

Our guarantee: 


We guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge at the time you pick up your bunny, it will be in good health and temperament.  Upon pickup, your bunny will be examined so that you can see clear eyes/nose (no signs of illness), top teeth are over the bottom teeth (no signs of malocclusion), and how the gender was determined. 


Your responsibility:

You are responsible for following our recommendations for feeding and care as well as seeking veterinary assistance if necessary.  We will not sell a bunny that has shown signs of aggression, but keep in mind that bunnies can become hormonal around 5/6 months of age.  Spaying/neutering can help with this and aid in calming his/her behavior. 

After the bunny leaves our facility, you are responsible for its health and well-being.  Baby bunnies in particular are sensitive to stress and dietary changes.  Minimize stress by removing other pets from the bunnies area, not engaging in rough play, or creating startling noises. It's very important to wash your hands often before handling your bunny and to clean the bunnies' cage and food dishes frequently. For the first five months, it's also very important to keep your bunny on the same diet. Including high-quality hay daily. Feed your bunny Oxbow young rabbit pellets or science selective junior rabbit pellets.


No refunds will be offered.  PLEASE FULLY EXAMINE YOUR BUNNY BEFORE YOU COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE!!  We do our best to accurately assess gender, color, and quality, but you are responsible for approving the bunny before completing the purchase.  It can be very difficult to tell a baby bunny's gender due to its small size and the differences in how some babies develop.  While we're generally quite accurate, mistakes identifying gender can occur when purchasing a baby bunny. 

Our Bunny Quality:

When choosing bunnies for our rabbitry, we adopt from well-known breeders that have a reputation for raising quality animals. While we can not guarantee the success you will have should you decide to show your bunny, we can assure you that these bunnies come from lines that we show ourselves. Many factors are involved in successfully showing a bunny and some of these factors are beyond our control.

I agree with the terms and conditions provided by Bunnyland305 on their website as well as the document that the coordinator will provide on the day of the adoption. (This document contains the terms and conditions as well as information on how to take care of the bunnies from broad certified veterinarians and biologists).

Deposit Policy:

When depositing money to put a bunny on hold, we ask that you arrive within seven days to pick up your bunny. Our hold deposits are nonrefundable. If you do not arrive within seven days of submitting your deposit, the bunny will be taken off hold.

Once again Thank You from the entire team at BUNNYLAND305

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