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Bunnyland305 Bunny Boarding Pet Hotel

The bunny

Bunny Boarding in Miami, FL.

Here at Bunnyland305, we understand that sometimes you need to go on trips away from home for short or long periods of time. These trips may not be suitable for bunnies and cause them a lot of stress. It can definitely be difficult finding your bunny a suitable, friendly, and reliable service that you can trust. With us, your bunny can relax in a stress-free clean environment and enjoy themselves. You can be sure that your bunny is getting the very best care, treatment, love, and attention while you're away by our staff. 

Comfortable Boarding Accommodations for Your Bunny

On check-in day, your bunny will be indoors in a controlled climate and placed in their own hutch that has been thoroughly cleaned, and provided with fresh hay and a water bottle (if your bunny prefers a water bowl, please bring their water bowl with you). Your bunnies' hutch will be comfortable and they'll have a large space to hop around and relax as they please. During the day we let the bunnies out to play in their own individual playpens.

Throughout the day your bunny will be monitored to make sure they are happy and healthy. Your bunny will have lots of attention, head rubs, and cuddles. If your bunny prefers space and doesn't like to be handled then we also ensure that they have their own space. Your bunny will have fresh hay every day. Any food leftover is removed and all soiled areas cleaned daily so your bunny has a comfortable stay.

We request that you bring your bunnies' food (and water bowl if they prefer one), this helps keep their diet consistent, as a sudden change in diet can upset your bunny's digestive system. We are very happy to administer any medication your bunny may need during their stay, and any other needs they may have.

The Benefits you'll receive when you rely on our Bunny Boarding

By relying on our bunny boarding, you'll be able to go on your trip worry-free knowing that your bunny is being watched over by our bunny professionals that know how to handle and care for all of your bunnies' needs! Your bunny will be in a clean, safe, and stress-free environment and they will be watched over daily!

We reserve the right to decline hotel boarding if your bunny is sick.

Notice -

How overnight bunny boarding works

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Reserve your bunnies' hotel stay days and fill out the necessary information that we need.

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Drop your bunny off at our location

Once you arrive with your bunny our staff will meet you and your bunny for their stay.

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Enjoy your trip

Your bunny will be watched daily by our staff in a clean, safe, and stress-free environment!

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Step one, Fill out the hotel form

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Below is a button to our bunny hotel form. Please fill out all of the necessary information that we'll need to reserve your bunnies' stay! Please include any important information about your bunny that the staff should know to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Things to bring

We request that you bring your bunnies' food, special treats, and any medications that your bunny might need during their stay. If your bunny is on medication, please leave a note detailing their medication routine. If your bunny prefers to use a water bowl, please bring their water bowl. We will provide water bottles with fresh water and hay every day.

Drop off

The third step, meet the staff and drop off your bunny. Please bring a note with your bunny that details your bunny's personality so that the staff can better assist your bunny while you're away and make sure they're as comfortable as possible while you're gone.

Pickup time

Please pick up your bunny on the return date specified on your bunnies hotel form within operating hours. If you are going to be late please get in contact with us as there will be additional fees for each additional holding day.

Bunny boarding price per day

  • If your bunny was adopted from Bunnyland305, bunny boarding will cost $20 per day.

  • If your bunny was not adopted from Bunnyland305, bunny boarding will cost $25 per day. 

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